Enrollment for 7-10th Grade Students extended until May 15, 2017

Our goal at FAME, Inc. is to prepare and motivate students to pursue and succeed in college and or careers. STEM and hands-on learning are tools we use to inspire children and families. 

Through two successful out-of-school and after-school initiatives, we expose both high performing and "at risk" students to cross-curricular, project-based STEM learning.

Our long-standing academic enrichment initiative addresses Delaware's persistent need to motivate and prepare under represented minorities and girls to pursue STEM-related fields and succeed in a STEM career. Read more.



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Our Partner schools and organizations collaborate with us to host classes to an ever-increasing student base. Read more.


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FAME was formed to address the lack of women, African American, Hispanic and Native American engineers and scientists in the industry. 

Since its inception, FAME has served over 6,800 students with a nationally recognized curriculum and acts as a direct link to industry leaders.

FAME students enjoy such benefits as internships, scholarships, and rare opportunities to interact with top executives, engineers, scientists, and technology specialists at Fortune 500 organizations. Read more.

FAME 2017/2018 Program Registration Open




FAME is excited to announce the expansion of our nationally recognized STEMulate® Change Outreach Initiative for the Summer of 2017! 

Program Info:  6/19/2017 - 7/27/2017, Monday to Thursday, 8am - 3pm, 

at Alexis I. duPont High School, 50 Hillside Rd., Wilmington, DE 19807.

Cost:  Summer Session costs $500 and includes hands-on STEM program activities, breakfast, lunch and student transportation to centralized neighborhood stops.

Applications: 120 slots available for students in grades 4-6. Applications are due on Friday, May 19, 2017. Completed applications and questions can be directed to Ms. Kristen Lewis, Program Director at klewis@fameinc.org

At FAME, Inc., our mission is to prepare and motivate students in Grades 4-12, with a specific focus on under-represented minorities and girls, to enter college and complete a degree in engineering or other STEM related fields of study. View our brochure and learn more about how we excite, engage and empower kids and families.




​​STEMulate® Change Initiative

 Registration Open for Summer 2017

Grades 4-6