FAME, Inc. formed by DuPont Co. to address

lack of women, African American, Hispanic and Native American engineers and scientists in the industry

FAME begins statewide service by announcing

partnership with DSU

to offer on-campus


Our mission is to prepare and motivate students in grades 4-12, 

with a specific focus on under-represented minorities and girls, to enter college and complete a degree in engineering or other stem related fields of study.



FAME, Inc., was established in 1976 as one of the nation's FIRST non-profit STEM organizations, long before the STEM acronym became globally recognized. FAME was also one of the FIRST STEM organizations uniquely serving girls and under-represented minorities.

FAME - Forum to Advance Minorities in Engineering - was formed by the DuPont company to address the lack of women, African American, Hispanic and Native American engineers and scientists in the industry. Since its inception, FAME has served over 6,800 students with a nationally recognized curriculum. The organization acts as a direct link to industry leaders, with FAME students enjoying such benefits as internships, scholarships, and rare opportunities to interact with top executives, engineers, scientists, and technology specialists at Fortune 500 organizations, many of whom are themselves alumni of FAME.

Today, FAME's Board of Directors, Executive Staff and Faculty continue to partner with corporations, schools and universities to expand their curriculum and reach an ever-widening pool of students.


FAME celebrates 25+ years                      partnering with UD                             College of  Engineering                    and continues to

              provide colleges and                       universities with the                    next generation of  

           STEM learners,

        innovators and qualified          citizens in the workforce.

            FAME hits major

              milestone with 2,500

            students served.

celebrating 40 years of stem education

The STEMulate® Change initiative is introduced.

FAME spearheads

National Robotics Day

in Delaware, annually introducing students

and the community to

global robotics and innovation.