Our goal at FAME, Inc is to prepare and motivate students to pursue and succeed in STEM fields of study. Through two successful out-of-school and after-school initiatives, we expose both high performing and "at risk" students to cross-curricular, project-based STEM learning.

Our long-standing academic enrichment initiative addresses Delaware's persistent need to motivate and prepare under- represented minorities and girls to pursue STEM-related fields and succeed in a STEM career. STEM activities include:

  • Summer & school year STEM Enrichment
  • STEMulate®  Change Outreach
  • FIRST Robotics for middle & high school students
  • College skills prep and course selection workshops
  • ​Peer counseling & role models
  • ​Job readiness & life skills workshops

Class Ratio:


Brandywine School District

Providing Options for Future Employment

Thomas Edison Charter School

Class Ratio:

20:1 (Summer)

25:1 (After School)

Partner Schools & Community-Based Organizations


7 hrs / 4 days / 6 wks


3 hrs / 2 Sat per month


STEM Enrichment

Core Enrichment

University of Delaware

Red Clay Consolidated District


STEM Enrichment; Project-Based Learning

Police Athletic League of Delaware


3 hrs / 3 days / 5 wks

After School:

1 hr / 2-3 days / 5 wks

FAME could not succeed in its mission without its educational partners. FAME’s relationship with the University of Delaware goes back 30 years and today, the College of Engineering hosts on-campus experiences for 11th and 12th grade students that allow them to experience campus and dorm life.The following organizations have embraced the FAME curriculum, hosting classes on a regular and ever-increasing basis.


Age Group: 4th-6th Grade

In his 2016 Delaware Pathways Strategic Plan, Governor Jack Markell declared that "for students to have a rewarding choice beyond high school, 

Delaware STEM Council

they must be aware of their options and be prepared to take the next step...This means that students must possess the academic and technical skills necessary to pursue post-secondary educational options alighed with their career aspirations."

FAME, Inc. has been providing STEM education since 1976, with curricula that not only expose students to STEM fields of study, but also help them to make post-secondary choices that align with their career aspirations and long term employment goals. The result?

Over 95% of FAME matriculated students have gone on to pursue degrees, with 68% of students specializing in STEM related fields of study.


Schools & Community

Based Organizations


A. I. High School

Age Group: 7th-12th Grade

STEMulate®  Change


Statistics from the US Bureau of Labor and Census state that there will be an estimated 8.65 MILLION US STEM jobs by 2018. Of these jobs, 59% will require post-secondary education, and while 85% of 8th graders plan to complete post-secondary education, in reality, on 30% enter college.

Furthermore, there continues to be a lack of engineers and scientists in America, and in particular a lack of minorities and women in STEM related professions. Yet the STEM workforce is crucial to America's global innovative strength and competitiveness.

fame initiatives

Appoquinimink School District